Ragnesis Online

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"Ragnesis Online" is a MMORPG which presents a new original world of Ragnesis with a history full of secrets and mysteries. Four nations populate this world: Faldorts, Saihens, Bushtargs and Giltaries...


Each of the nations has its own unique characteristic features, philosophy, culture, history, and traditions which are reflected in the nation's clothes fashion and architecture, in weapons and lifestyle, and in many other things... Based on your preferences you will have to determine direction of your personage development: becoming a fighter or a wizard. Over a dozen of skills in handing weapons and arms are available to a warrior, as well as hundreds of special abilities. Due to high-quality animation, battles turn into enthralling performance. A great number of blows, stabs, strikes, protective blocks, jumps, somersaults, etc. are available to any gamer. A wizard is expected to master his or her art by studying hundreds of spells and charms in one of the five schools of wizardry. Wizards may fight at both energy levels: in the world of the living, and in the world of the dead. Magic system provides for cross effect of spells of different nature which makes it possible to produce various attacking combinations. High tech graphics engine produced by the game developing company enables your complete submersion into the game world. Images of 3D environment are based on the most advanced technologies; they are impressive due to fabulous artistic performance of the world objects and superb realistic lighting. High quality animation of animals, original architecture and garments, weapons and arms --- all these features create a unique atmosphere of an ever-developing and ever-changing real world; and you contribute to that development and change.

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