Spider-Man 2

© Vicarious Visions, Inc.

usa psp 2005, Activision Publishing, Inc.

Action / Adventure game allows player to freely roam around Manhattan, Roosevelt, Ellis, and Liberty Islands or follow the adventures of the Spider-Man superhero from the "Spider-Man 2" movie.


Spider-man 2 is title for Sony PSP, developed in cooperation with the customer: Vicarious Visions. Together with them, we have ported Treyarch's game engine from PS2 to PSP. Our artists have done artwork for all game levels: buildings, rooms, objects, etc. Experience total freedom as you soar through the concrete canyons of a living, breathing Manhattan, complete with familiar landmarks and bustling, traffic-clogged streets. True non-linear gameplay means you can web-swing wherever you like, whenever you like, exploring the vast metropolis and reliving scenes from the Spider-Man 2(tm) movie. Combat petty thugs and aid NYC citizens in challenging side-quests, or pursue the lunatic Doc Ock and other classic Spider-Man rivals.

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