Ultrasound image processing on GPU


We have worked in collaboration with ContextVision and migrated their image enhancement algorithms to the GPU.


Source: www.contexvision.com

ContextVision, software imaging partner for the most recognized medical imaging manufacturers worldwide, announced a new-generation platform for ultrasound image processing.

GOPView(R) USXi on GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is based on ContextVision's existing product lines that currently run on PC CPU's and DSP (Digital Signal Processor). With the new compatibility for using GPU's for image processing, manufacturers will be able to free up CPU and system resources for other purposes. In addition, manufacturers can benefit from leading technology from the gaming industry, with powerful processors and an optimal price/performance ratio. The new product allows ultrasound equipment manufacturers to use an extremely powerful tool (GPU) for unprecedented real-time high-speed image processing and provide their customers with improved image quality.

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